You can choose from several variants to do The Project Check.

The Team Check
Take the set of cards for the project team member and put them in order (see numbers on the bottom right). The project leader reads out the cards one by one, while the project team members note down which aspects they personally experience to be positive. Afterwards the chosen cards are put on the table and everyone explains their choice. In the second round, everyone notes down which points can be improved.

The Client Check
Do The Project Check with the project team, but without the user. You can speak freely. Reach a result, then note it down. Afterwards, invite the user and determine his experience by means of the cards. Discuss similarities and differences between your conclusions and those of the user. You can perform The Project Check in the same way with the client.

The Feedback Check
Search through the cards for the card you feel best describes what someone’s positive contribution to the project is. Give that card to this person. The same goes for constructive criticism: What could the other person improve?

The Role Check
If you would like to know more about the perspective with which someone fulfils their role, take the set of that specific role, choose the card that intrigues you the most and give it to the person who actually fulfils that role. This person then answers the questions: What does this mean in my daily practice? How do I deal with this? What choices do I make in this? Why?

The Project Management Check
Do The Project Check as described above, with a focus on the following question: What is characteristic for the management of project in this organisation?

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