Speed Up Your Projects

Are you the project manager or client and do you see that:

  • Your plans and budgets get out of control
  • It takes too much effort to produce good results
  • Project evaluations are dull and do not yield much
  • You run into the same things in every project


Then do The Project Check, a pleasant and inspiring method to evaluate projects. In only 2,5 hours you will pinpoint those actions that you can start up immediately and reap benefits.

With The Project Check you organize your projects smarter as from tomorrow. You attain:

  • That you stay within budget or even save on costs
  • The desired results with less effort and quicker
  • A tightly knit team that readily and purposefully evaluates
  • Structural improvement of the project management


The Project Check, essential when you see things could be better, but you wonder where to begin.

Several organizations succesfully did The ProjectCheck. What did they think?

Sealed-Air Nelipak, thermoforming:

  • “We often discussed our project management, but The Project Check brought us a better understanding than we ever got before”
  • “It takes little effort to surface what you want to know, you do not need to have an MBA and you can use The Project Check in any group.”
  • “It’s a fun, positive method that helps you to understand well your strengths and weaknesses.”


Waternet, watermanagement:

  • “The Project Check brings one quickly to the core, the essence.”
  • “It produces a simple but powerful action list that inspires immediate commitment.”
  • “It is fun to look at a project from someone else’s perspective and to see someone else look from your perspective.”


GGD Nederland, community health services association:

  • “To work with the Project Check cards is fun. It broadens your perspective, you ask yourself and others questions that you wouldn’t have asked otherwise.”
  • “My project proceeds quite well. Nevertheless The Project Check led us to a discussion that would otherwise not have taken place. It helped us to look at our project from all angles. That gave us surprising insights.”


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